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‘Lead Me Back To Bethlehem’

The Community Cantata Choir performing on December 4. Photo Angela Mouly

The Community Cantata Choir hosted its second performance of ‘Lead Me Back To Bethlehem’ at the First United Church in Vermilion on December 4.

Approximately 20 voices from all walks of life came together on stage to share the choir experience. Recognizable songs of the season brought much joy to the audience and had an inspirational way of sending them home wrapped in peace.

Following the Cantata they sang a few extra songs they had learned throughout the year and director, Bernie Huedepohl said over the years he is surprised to see the number of songs that incorporate ‘Silent Night’ and they found another this year. One member told him ‘Angels Watching Over Me’ was the only reason she came.

“It’s just a beautiful piece of music. There is so much good Christmas music out there and it’s such a pleasure to sing together,” said Huedepohl. “Every year I have to find something challenging for the choir. This year we sang ‘Comfort and Joy’ in a madrigal style (styled after music written in the 1300s). It was fun to learn. Thank you for coming.”

The group received a standing ovation and they will be hosting their final performance of the year at the United Church on December 11 at 7 p.m.

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