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Linda Elsenheimer Retires From Co-op

Linda Elsenheimer. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Linda Elsenheimer has been with Co-op for the last 30 years and has seen many changes during that time.

“I have worked for Co-op since 1991, during that time I have seen East-Alta Co-op change to Cornerstone Co-op. I remember when the original Co-op grocery store was where the Hardware store was. I then saw the hardware store go and then the second Co-op grocery store go and the new Cornerstone Co-op store built where it is today,” commented Elsenheimer.

During her 30 years at Co-op Linda had advanced from cashier to head cashier and then to her current position of a cash office clerk.

“I have also completed unofficial jobs as a problem solver to go-to-girl,” chuckled Linda.

Elsenheimers’ favourite parts of being with Co-op over the years were the customers and she stated that “seeing so many people come and go is quite mind-boggling. I have enjoyed doing everything I could to make their shopping experience a good one.”

Linda also joked about how a customer asked her “What the heck are you going to do with all those Co-op numbers you have in your head? She commented that the old saying ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ will be a true statement.

Upon her retirement Elsenheimer stated that she is looking forward to travelling, spending more time with family and friends, and other hobbies that she enjoys.

“I love gardening so that is something I will definitely be spending time at,” commented Linda.

As of June 30, Elsenheimer will be retiring from Cornerstone Co-op and says the things she will miss the most are the customers and the great team at Cornerstone Co-op. Linda would like to thank everyone for humouring her over the last 30 years.

Assistant store manager Mamie Caira also commented on Linda’s ability to remember customer's Co-op numbers, in some cases better than they knew it themselves, and said that Linda was always very helpful and accommodating to fill in when team members were sick and that she worked the till and anything else that was needed.

“Linda is a keystone of the front end, she has so much knowledge of the processes and people, and that won’t be easy to replace,” said Caira. Caira also said, “Linda has always represented the Co-op brand by being genuine and modest, working behind the scenes to make everyone else look good.”

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