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Lloydminster Lions Club Presents Cheque To Vermilion Lions Club

From left, Lloydminster Lion member Kathy Smithson presenting a cheque to Vermilion Lion President Hayward Vaters. Photo submitted

In a display of camaraderie and support between neighbouring Lions Clubs, the Lloydminster Lions Club made a benevolent gesture on the evening of October 24. They presented a generous cheque of $900 to the Vermilion Lions Club, solidifying a thriving partnership that goes beyond mere service.

The exchange took place during the Vermilion Lions Club’s meeting at the White Swan Restaurant. The gesture was the culmination of a cooperative effort that began during the Lloydminster Lions Club’s annual Medieval Feast event on September 23. It was here that the Vermilion Lions Club lent their expert bartending skills to their Lloydminster counterparts.

The premise was simple yet inspiring: if the Vermilion Lions Club managed the event’s bar services, the profits would be shared equitably with the Vermilion Club. It was a pact built on trust, and it turned out to be a remarkable partnership.

Among those in attendance for the presentation were Lloydminster Lion President Brent Smithson, alongside Lion Kathy Smithson, and 1st Vice District Governor of 5SKN Lion Ray Tatro, accompanied by Lion Shelley Tatro.

Lion Shelley Tatro, a key figure in fostering this partnership, expressed her gratitude for the warmth and hospitality the Vermilion Lions Club had extended. As she recounted, “The Vermilion Lions Club graciously welcomed us at their meeting and served a delicious meal. We enjoyed some wonderful camaraderie, which is at the heart of our Lions Club spirit. They enjoyed the Medieval Feast back in September, and assured us of their presence next year.”

Vermilion Lions Club President Hayward Vaters echoed the same sentiment as Tatro saying, “It was nice to host the Lloydminster Lion members for supper at our meeting last night. The Medieval Feast event they held was a beautiful event and we will definitely be there again next year. We may even be dressed up in costume while we serve at the bar. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with the Lloydminster Lions Club during their event and sharing the profits to go towards community endeavours.”

It was a sentiment that resonated deeply with the Vermilion Lion Club, as their President, Hayward Vaters, accepted the cheque on behalf of the club from Lloydminster Lion member Kathy Smithson.

This gesture reflects the Lions Club’s commitment to service and community, demonstrating that sometimes the most meaningful donations are not measured in dollars, but in the goodwill and mutual respect shared among Lions. The Lloydminster Lions Club and the Vermilion Lions Club have set an example of what can be achieved when community service is at the heart of their mission.


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