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Lloydminster Residents See New Opportunities To Improve Their Mental Health

Thorpe Recovery Centre (TRC) and the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation (LRHF) partnered together to offer a new mental health program in association with The Nest Project.

Through funding from Project Sunrise (Lloydminster Region Health Foundation), online sessions have been made available through Zoom to residents to encourage them to build practices that promote positive mental health, well-being, and resilience. Ongoing programs will continue with monthly opportunities for community members to participate at no charge.

On April 12, the first series begins: The Practice of Mindfulness. Participants will learn that being mindful is all about awareness – awareness of thought, emotion, sensations, and surroundings. It’s also about being curious and compassionate with yourself about what you discover when paying attention to these things. Over time, it can help you to begin to build resilience, create pause before reacting, and help to regulate your nervous system. This is a perfect course for anyone who wants to live more mindfully in their everyday life. You can learn more about the variety of upcoming sessions at

Teressa Krueckl, CEO of Thorpe Recovery Centre, stated, “Skills gained through the Living Well sessions are integral to maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle for anyone at any age or life stage. Recovery is multidimensional; it is important to promote the benefits of wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Offering this service throughout the community of Lloydminster is a big benefit for anyone wanting to participate.”

Jodi Simmonds and Kerri Lorenson, co-founders of The Nest Project and the educators for the upcoming sessions are funded by Project Sunrise. Simmonds commented that, “It’s important for the community to have evidence-informed wellness education combined with opportunities to practice strategies. Making sessions available to residents at no charge helps to remove potential barriers for people. We are excited to connect with local residents.”

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