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Local Artist Releasing Solo Guitar CD’s

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Dennis Gerik who is originally from Texas made his roots in Vermilion 41 years ago at the age of 20 after coming to Canada for music gigs when he was playing in a band. Gerik also worked at the Vermilion Standard as a printer for 28 years and at Richardson Denture Clinic for 10 years as a Lab Technician.

Gerik’s has taught private music lessons in the Lloydminster Public School Division and the Buffalo Trail School Division. He has played in numerous local bands from jazz, rock, and country, including Wild at Heart, a popular local band that played functions around Alberta for over 20 years.

“I’m a member of FOPA (Friends of the Performing Arts) in Lloydminster and we would go into the schools there and teach private lessons until COVID hit, which moved my teaching online,” explained Gerik.

Gerik teaches guitar, drum and saxophone lessons full-time since 2016 and is hoping to start teaching in-person lessons again in the Fall. Gerik’s heart belongs to music and it was bred into him through his Dad who introduced him to music through a band he played with.

“My first instrument was a saxophone, I started taking private lessons when I was nine back in Texas and then studied down there. My Dad was the person who introduced me to music as he played in a Czech Polka Band when I was really young, it was cool! I have always played drums it was something that came very naturally to me also,” stated Gerik.

Throughout the pandemic Gerik found himself occupying his time with the one thing he really enjoys - music, and from that, he has recorded two CD’s in his recording studio located in the basement of his house titled From the Deepest Winter, and Deepest Winter 2.

“Because of COVID my bandmates and I weren’t able to play anywhere for close to two years, which was pretty rough, and that is what led to the recording of the two CD’s,” said Gerik.

Gerik describes the CD’s as Classical / Jazz and a few popular tunes that have been recast as Classical or Jazz, and said that some of the music takes on a type of “Moody” persona and that some were also composed over 500 years ago. As of right now, the CD’s are in the process of finalizing all the details required for release; but three tracks From the Deepest Winter 1 early release copy were programmed on CKUA Radios - Classic Examples hosted by Mark Antonelli.

For more information on receiving lessons from Dennis Gerik you can contact him at 780-853-0083 or by email at

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