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M-M-I F.C.S.S. Hosts ‘Coffee Connections

Several locals enjoyed a Coffee Connections session at the Innisfree Millennium Building on August 9. Mannville-Minburn-Innisfree Family and Community Support Services (M-M-I F.C.S.S.) hosts one session per month in the villages of both Mannville and Innisfree.

The Coffee Connections program was created as a way to build connections in the community, maintain well-being, as well as improve the citizens’ overall quality of life. When organizers take time to meet with community members, they are able to discuss and address ongoing social needs of the community. This time, residents in Innisfree were excited about the upcoming fair the following day.

“This is a great way to be active in the community and help us notice areas where there could be room for improvement; we want to be on the prevention end of things where we can. Conversations don’t always have to take place in a big crowd, because sometimes it’s easier to be able to connect one-on-one in person,” said M-M-I F.C.S.S. Program Coordinator, Carla Cavanagh.

She said M-M-I F.C.S.S. also hosts an ‘Endeavour to be Different’ program which introduces learning new skills and opportunities for interaction. It allows community members a space to engage in lively conversation, gain knowledge relevant to positive social development and enjoy building new connections in rural communities, all while learning a new skill. Each month, a new topic and skill is presented, and this month of August participants will have the opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele. M-M-I F.C.S.S. believes there are many positive benefits to music.

M-M-I F.C.S.S. with the help of community volunteer Sheila Whitmore and the Innisfree & Mannville Libraries, will be gathering for the presentation, instruction and to try out a few two-chord songs, suitable for ages 12 and up to learn.

Participants are encouraged to register by calling 780-763-3005; sessions will be taking place August 16 in Mannville, and August 18 in Innisfree.

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