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Mau Lam Restaurant Celebrates 35 Years

The Phung family on their 35th anniversary. Photo submitted

One of the parts of visiting Mau Lam’s Restaurant for the past 35 years is watching Duc and Anh Phung’s family grow up on the wall behind the cash register, and at the same time getting to share in their customers' memories and special occasions on the bulletin board inside the restaurant. Checking the wall for a glimpse of a new baby, or wedding picture has been many customer's delight when picking up their dinner.

While the pictures may have changed over the past three decades, Mau Lam owners are proud that their food hasn’t over the last 35 years.

To celebrate their anniversary, Mau Lam’s had a special Saturday night smorg on the 26th, and served a very full house of community members some of their most popular dishes.

While Anh and Duc cooked up a storm in the kitchen, the next generation of Phung’s (and in-laws) greeted people with smiles and thank you’s for the years of support.

"Thank you for your continued support over the years!” stated Duc and Anh, “We are lucky to be part of this community for the past 35 years."

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