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Mayor McAuley Is A Guest on Buffalo Trail’s New Podcast

Town of Vermilion Mayor, Caroline McAuley. Photo Vermiion Voice

In a press release from Superintendent Rhae-Ann Holoien, Buffalo Trail Public Schools announced it has started a podcast called ‘Learning on the Trail’. The series is meant to guide students through information about various careers and opportunities. Hosted by the Superintendent, the goal is to share excitement, knowledge and stories about careers. Students are able to hear advice and learn how to overcome barriers to be able to find a job they will love.

Vermilion’s Mayor Caroline McAuley was one of Superintendent Holoien’s guests. In the episode, Mayor McAuley spoke about the events in her life that led her to the Mayor’s office. She discussed her education, her career as a dietician and her time spent as a town councilor all of which add to the positive changes she is proud to have brought to the community including supporting 30 new businesses, securing a McDonald’s franchise, expanding broadband capacity for every user in the area and much more.

There is also a podcast featuring Wes Laporte, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Village of Edgerton. He discussed how the local school and students are a major focus for their local government. He had many tips on how students can get involved through summer jobs and the school’s Work Experience program to make an impact on government decisions. Laporte shared his personal path to CAO, how he manages the affairs of the municipal government for Edgerton and some projects he has been a part of for the village including aggressive tax incentives like $1 residential lots for families and a three-year tax program for business in order to attract family and business to their community.

To learn more, check out the episodes with the links below.


Apple Podcasts:

Google Podcasts:

You can find the access to the podcast on the BTPS website:


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