• Dawn Riley

Meet The Candidates Running For Buffalo Trail Public Schools Trustee Positions

When voters within the County of Vermilion River receive their ballots next week, they will be casting their vote for a Buffalo Trail Public School Trustee in their Division. These important positions represent residents on the Public School Board along with five other Trustees from around the school division. Ten people are vying for the opportunity to support the students and families of the public schools in the County of Vermilion River. The county is divided into four subdivisions for school board representation.

Trustees were asked the same three questions as councillor candidates:

What do you want voters to know about you when they go to vote on October 18?

Why did you choose to run for trustee?

If elected, what is something you would like to see accomplished in your four-year term?

In Electoral Subdivision #1 (Town of Vermilion), four candidates are running. Candidate Marty Pawlak wants voters to know that his first priority is the children attending Buffalo Trail Public School (BTPS). With three children in the public system right now, he is very familiar with some of the obstacles facing both students and teachers these days.

“I would like to see a budget that allocates more money to support classroom learning, not just the students, but the classroom staff too,” stated Pawlak.