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  • Caylie Gnyra

Minor Hockey Celebrates Tigers Day

Members of Vermilion Minor Hockey participated in activities at the college, stadium, and arena during Tigers Day on March 23. Photo Caylie Gnyra

Vermilion Minor Hockey players got a chance to get together and have some fun one last time before the end of the season with Tigers Day, held on March 23.

This first-ever event began as a parent idea that blossomed into reality after an offer of sponsorship by Alberta Broadband Networks. Over 100 children and youth participated in the day, representing about half of the kids registered in the organization this year.

Families gathered at the arena around 10:30 a.m., where the young athletes were randomly divided into 6 multi-age groups—T, I, G, E, R, and S—to engage in friendly games at the arena, stadium, and the Lakeland College gym. In his opening remarks, Vermilion Minor Hockey President Sean Tennant explained that the day was about kids from different teams getting to know each other, parents getting a chance to connect and watch, and families celebrating what it means to be a Tiger. He also thanked Sarah Kastendieck, who has served as VP of Development of the Vermilion Minor Hockey Association for the past two years, and her planning committee, as well as Alberta Broadband Networks for their support of the day.

At the arena, teams engaged in a lacrosse workshop and played other tossing games.

At the stadium, groups participated in a scavenger hunt as well as a “Minute to Win It” series of small activities, ranging from a hopper animal relay to cup-stacking to moving goldfish crackers into a cup using suction through a plastic straw.

At the gym, one group played dodgeball while another completed an obstacle course. After switching activities, the whole group came together for a game of musical chairs.

The day culminated in a family barbecue at the arena at 4 p.m.

Vermilion Minor Hockey extends gratitude to the Tigers Day Committee and the dedicated parent volunteers, as well as to Alberta Broadband Networks.

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