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New Fire Truck for Paradise Valley Coming Soon

After many years of planning and fundraising, Paradise Valley’s Fire Department has successfully secured a new rescue truck that will arrive later this spring. This 4 x 4 truck, which will provide the department with the tools and resources needed to perform emergency auto extractions will be arriving from Fort Garry Industries in Manitoba hopefully in June, with an anticipated ready to use date of September 1.

Paradise Valley Fire Chief, Nicholas Dobson explained that to prepare for the arrival of this unit, the volunteer firefighters have undergone training for heavy extractions, as well as grain extractions. With an average of 50 call outs a year, this training and equipment will prove invaluable to the department’s ability to respond to calls within their area.

Acquiring this truck did not happen overnight; the department has been fundraising and planning for this type of rescue vehicle for over a decade. Dobson stated “We fundraised the money over the years with our community supporting our fundraising over the past ten years because our long term goal was this project of a rescue truck.”

Paradise Valley’s residents have supported the department’s fundraising efforts very generously. Not only has the community contributed to the fundraising, the firefighters themselves have too. Since 2010, 93 per cent of firefighter’s wages have been donated back to the department, which has helped in the purchase of a Suburban fully equipped with medical equipment, and a Pick up truck with a skid unit attached to it. These generous efforts by the community and the firefighters, in combination with money from the Village of Paradise Valley and the County of Vermilion River’s Protective Services have led to the accomplishment of a vital long term goal! Watch for a follow up story once the truck arrives later this year!

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