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Open Oven

Bonnie Danderfer’s six grandchildren had fun at Heritage Park on July 12. Photo Angela Mouly

In collaboration with the Vermilion Wellness Coalition, VIBE hosted an Open Oven night at Heritage Park in Vermilion on July 12.

Families came to enjoy eating their favourite pizza flavours outdoors, having been cooked in a brick oven at the park by the VIBE staff.

“It’s really fun when we have a good turnout with people of all ages, being free is always awesome, and the games are a fun addition to have family time together.”

“The people who bring homemade pizzas, bring wild combinations of different toppings, like cranberry and turkey or vegetable with artichoke mixing the classic and cultural elements. It’s an opportunity for people to mingle and have fun together,” said Brooklyn Nelson.

Open Ovens will continue each Wednesday until August 23, (excluding July 26 prior to the Fair). In addition, they will be hosting a special teen week in September.

Bonnie Danderfer attended for the first time last week and said, “We had family visiting and wanted to get out to do something different. This time we brought the grandchildren who took in the games, as well as the scavenger hunt earlier in the day. We had tried to get here in the past but it never worked out, and now my brother plans to bring friends from Biggar, Saskatchewan to show them all what Vermilion does.”

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