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Polar Bear Splash Raises $20,000

Border City Connects’ Polar Bear Splash announced that the 2021 Virtual Polar Bear Splash was another great success! The 24 participants were able to raise a grand total of $20,000, meeting the fundraising goal.

Participants were entered into three contest categories; Highest Donation Amount Raised, Best Video/Best Splash, and Best Costume. The winner of Best Splash was Jason Whiting, featuring the snow making cannon. Synergy Credit Union won Best Costume after their staff dressed up and poured water from the top of a ladder. Cathy Kinsmen won the Highest Donation Amount Raised, as well as the local Lloydminster Co-op Cup. Each winner won a custom private dinner by a red seal chef for a party of eight.

While the fundraiser drew close, a close friend of Border City Connects donated $3,750 ensuring the fundraiser met its $20,000 goal.

“Boarder City Connects is overwhelmed with the support that we have been showing this year with our new virtual Polar Bear Splash. Of course with COVID-19 rules we weren’t able to do our normal Polar Bear Splash, but this year was a great success. At the very last minute we were able to hit our fundraiser goal to keep the operations for our society going, and that provides a very vital support to residents in our region. We could not be more thrilled with 24 participants and making our $20,000 goal. It just speaks to the resilience of our community once again,” commented Aaron Buckingham, Business Development Manager of Boarder City Connects.

Border City Connects offers three vans to the public, Border City Express, Car-A-Van, and Shuttle. The Border City Express allows those that have mobility issues in Lloydminster to have reliable transportation. The Border City Car-A-Van offers transportation to out-of-town doctor appointments to those that do not have a reliable ride, cannot drive, or cannot afford the cost of out-of-town appointments. Border City Shuttle provides a safe ride home after a wedding or a concert.

With additional programming, such as the Trishaw, this past summer and fall, seniors were escorted around the community in a beautiful bike ride pulled by volunteers. The brand new Paragolfer allows opportunity for disabled persons to golf, participate in archery, walk down the aisle at a wedding, and more, provided at no charge to those needing the services.

Jason Whiting, featuring the snow making cannon. Photo submitted


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