• Reporter Elaina John

Possible Partial-Regionalization For County Of Minburn Fire Services

Recently, Behr Integrated Solutions were contracted by the County of Minburn to submit a report on how the County can improve their fire services.

There was a provincial grant the county received to go through with contracting Behr Integrated Services, who submitted a report recommending the partial regionalization of fire services throughout the County.

“We’re still in the preliminary phases of the process,” said County of Minburn Fire Chief Mike Fundytus.

One of the reasons partial regionalization was recommended is to increase efficiencies on the administrative side. With the county’s current system, a lot of processing is done at both the town and county level, and partial regionalization would make the county a managing partner so that paper work only has to be done once.

The report was rather timely as the fire services agreement with Vegreville is up for renewal in December of 2021. Throughout the year, the County of Minburn fire services will be negotiating with Innisfree, Mannville, and Vegreville to see whether partial regionalization is in the best interest of each county constituent.

“We look forward to working out these agreements with the villages and Town in 2021,” commented Fundytus.

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