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Primus Hosts Question Period

From left, Primus’ VP of Western Canada Jim Dawson, and Account Manager Jason Hackman. Photo Angela Mouly

Primus hosted a meet and greet for residents of the Town of Vermilion at Prairie Bakeshop & Bistro on May 18.

Participants enjoyed coffee and donuts and asked a variety of questions surrounding the new broadband service in the community. Account Manager, Jason Hackman said the top questions were about clarifying communications and pricing.

“We’re here to clarify information. There has been a lot of information go around and we want to make sure everyone’s on the same page,” said Hackman. “There’s been talk that if you don’t get the drop right away, you’ll have to pay; but that’s not the case. We are also clarifying that getting the drop does not mean you are signing up for service.”

Essentially, ‘the drop’ just means fibre will be installed at your property. An exciting new development is that residential services no longer have length of terms, and they can offer 1 Gbps speeds starting at $69.95. With a larger bandwidth, for people working from home, he said it will alleviate any issues with video calls, as well as for multiple users trying to stream or upload/download at the same time.

“Some people say they can’t stream at home because their current services are too slow. A lot of people don’t have a TV package. It also affects people that want to game,” said Hackman. “By bringing higher speed and more reliable internet, you are opening up possibilities to do new things. People tend to adapt to the environment they are in, based on the services and tools they have available. Now, when we add 300 per cent more capacity, it will take them to the next level of what they can do.”

If you were unable to attend, Primus will be hosting more events throughout the summer. All businesses and residents in the Town of Vermilion are eligible. If interested, you can visit or call 1-800-265-2746, select a language, and select residential or commercial services.

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