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Productive Quilters Retreat Fosters Creativity And Camaraderie At Red Feather Ridge

In a celebration of craftsmanship and community, the esteemed event facility Red Feather Ridge played host to an inspiring quilters retreat from August 24 to August 27. Quilting enthusiasts from Barrhead, Gibbons, Dewberry, Marwayne, and the Mannville Vermilion community gathered for this four-day event, intertwining fellowship, creativity, and the love of quilting.

The retreat welcomed both seasoned and budding quilters, each embracing the opportunity to either embark on fresh projects or to put the final stitches on quilts that had been in the works for years. The sounds of sewing machines blended with laughter and conversation, setting the tone for a fulfilling gathering.

Cheryl Livingstone, a quilter herself and the proud owner of Red Feather Ridge, shared her admiration for the devotion shown by the “diehard quilters” who quilted tirelessly well into the late evening hours.

Adding a delightful twist to the event, Shauna Charron, the owner of Village Treasures Quilt Shop in Mannville, set up an enticing pop-up shop on Friday and Saturday. Attendees were treated to the allure of mystery packages containing just the right amount of fabric to craft a three-yard quilt. Lyn Yaremchuk, the president of the Vermilion Quilters Guild, extended a creative challenge to her fellow guild members: to utilize the surprise fabrics and craft donation quilts. The response was heartwarming, as several guild members considered accepting the challenge.

As the retreat unfolded, it wasn’t all about needles and threads. Attendees were entertained by the talents of singer-songwriter Makenna Gallagher, granddaughter of quilter Alice Swan as she performed some of her favourites as well as those requested by her Gramma, and she also told stories.

A door prize from Nuts for Bolts added an extra thrill to the event. To ensure that creativities were nourished, Red Feather Ridge provided breakfast, lunch, and supper, keeping the quilters fueled and ready to bring their visions to life.

Cheryl’s husband Doug, co-owner of the facility, helped with the arrangement of lighting to aiding with cleanup, and it did not go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Livingstone expressed her joy, “We had a lot of fun and had the opportunity to make new friends.”

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