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GLI coordinator Candice Anderson, with Lindsay Briggs, and Justina Smith from Copper Cork Distillery. Photo Angela Mouly

The Good Life Institute hosted Savor once again at the Vermilion Regional Centre on November 18. Approximately 175 people enjoyed the scotch and wine tasting event as well as sampling several other local flavours.

“Savor is an opportunity for local food vendors and distilleries to feature what they have to offer,” said coordinator Candice Anderson. “We’re extremely thankful to the community for the support; we love everyone’s positive feedback on the experience and how vocal they are about how necessary this is to our community both for socializing and contributing to the community.”

Four food vendors included Cornerstone Co-op, The Red Brick, Old School Cheesery, and Prairie Bakeshop & Bistro. Seven liquor vendors included Bird Hill Liquor, Back 40 Distillery (Camrose) Copper Cork Distillery, 4th Meridian Brewing Company (Lloydminster), Cornerstone Co-op Liquor, ‘A Tour of Scotch’ and Blind Wine Tasting.

Board members helped with promotion, set up, and clean up and Mayor Greg Throndson said, “This event gives people a reason to get out and see one another, and it provides wonderful advertising for local businesses. Not everyone has a chance in their regular lives to get out to each one, and this way they can see all ten businesses within half an hour. It is excellent publicity for these vendors.”

Being a town initiative, he said the Good Life Institute looks after offering events throughout the year to the community for its citizens to be a part of. He was thrilled to see the range of demographics participating from college students to older residents; a combination of everyone.

“I think it keeps Vermilion a strong community, and we tried things we normally wouldn’t have; it really opens up your palette,” said Heather Magdiak.

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