• Dawn Riley

Seven Candidates Running For County Council

Within the County of Vermilion River, seven people are running for positions on the County Council. Divisions four, five and seven will have candidates on the ballot on October 18.

The contenders took a few minutes to answer three questions and get their message out to the voters.

Candidates were asked three questions:

What do you want voters to know about you when they go to vote on October 18?

Why did you choose to run for County Councillor?

If elected, what is something you would like to see accomplished in your four-year term?

Division 4 has three nominees, Lonnie Wolgien, the incumbent wants voters to know that he has lived in the County of Vermilion River for 25 plus years and raised a family of three boys, who are now on their own. Wolgien’s experience within the agricultural industry includes 25 years in the grain and agro-business and today he, his wife and one son currently operate a bale hauling business along with a small farming operation, south of Vermilion.

“With this, I feel that I have a good understanding of the importance of the county infrastructure, financial needs and future planning required to serve future generations of residents in the County of Vermilion River,” commented Wolgien.