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Spring Deputy Mayor

Vermilion’s Town Council held a regular meeting on February 15, here are some of the highlights. Council Meetings are at present available to the public by electronic means only as per COVID-19 Recommendations as per Public Meeting Procedures (COVID-19 Suppression) Regulation. You can continue to watch Council meetings through the Town’s YouTube channel which you can access through their website. The next regular Council meeting is March 1, at 7 p.m.

Council was presented with the list of utility account write-offs for 2021. The amounts proposed for council’s approval to write off total $7,801.27 with $2,101.07 attributable to utilities, $497.26 attributable to property tax penalties and $5,202.94 attributable to general accounts receivable. Councillor Joshua Rayment moved that Council approve the list, the motion was carried.

The Vermilion & District Housing Foundation put forward an Annual Requisition for 2022 operations in the amount of $225,000. This is based on their 2022 Budget including requisition, which was approved December 13, 2021. Based on the 2021 equalized assessment, the Foundation requested from The Town of Vermilion 19 per cent at $42,100.80 and the County of Vermilion River 81 per cent at $182,899.20. Councillor Snow motioned that Council approve the Annual Requisition, and the motion was carried.

Councillor Rayment motioned that Council approve Councillor Kevin Martin as Deputy Mayor for March and April 2022, the motion was carried.

Due to a brine leak, the Arena will be closed for the rest of the season. The Stadium will continue to be open until the end of March.

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