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Starstruck Dance Festival

Classique from Alison Lamont School of Dance. Photo Angela Mouly

Approximately 400 dancers from six studios gathered in Vermilion to participate in the Starstruck Dance Festival on April 7 - 8. Dancers competed in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, and acro.

“Learning a dance step gives you discipline and a sense of self-worth when you have accomplished it,” said festival director Richelle Boivin.

Festival director Twila Robinson added, “It’s healthy for your brain and your body; and who doesn’t love to dance?”

They noted the impact on the community saying it was great support for local businesses keeping the hotels and restaurants busy, and their studios enjoy it as a weekend away. This festival started in Vermilion five years ago in 2018, and they said the Lakeland College venue is “amazing”.

Throughout the weekend, adjudicators highlighted the dancers’ strengths and gave supportive advice on how to improve the technique of certain steps, as well as ways to and draw the audience into their performances.

“Great work dancers; that was fabulous. Acro is my favourite thing to do,” said adjudicator Alison. “As you know when we do acro, the number one important thing is safety. I’d like to commend you and your teachers because I felt safe watching you.”

Participants for the Level 3-4 Acro Solos and Duets category went on to receive marks of high silver, gold, high gold, and trophies were awarded for outstanding performance, most promising, and adjudicator’s choice.

“I love seeing the dancers that struggle in class sometimes achieve something really special on stage. Whether that is a gold medal or all using the same foot, it’s nice to see them all working together. They gain support cheering on dancers from other studios and feeling that love back,” said Boivin.

“We each have our own studios and have been teaching for over 30 years, so we know how important it is for dancers to walk away feeling accomplished and happy. Friendship is key in dance, as well as sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence and how to take criticism and build on it, not having it be negative,” said Robinson.

“Thank you to our families, and the adjudicators, for giving their knowledge, as well as all of our volunteers and alumni,” said Boivin.

Having taken place on a holiday weekend, they were excited to have a special appearance from the Easter Bunny.

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