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TD Canada Trust Green Initiative Flourishes: 200 Trees Planted This Year

Volunteers that helped plant trees for TD Tree Days. Photo submitted

In a display of community spirit, TD Canada Trust recently marked a significant milestone by hosting its first TD Tree Days event since the onset of the pandemic. On September 16, the financial institution once again embraced its commitment to environmental sustainability, transforming the landscape of Lakeland College with the addition of approximately 200 new trees.

A gathering that resonated with the essence of togetherness, the event drew in a commendable turnout of 37 volunteers, all eager to contribute to the greening of their local environment. With shovels and trees in hand, these community-minded individuals set out to create a vital windbreak at the College.

The event began early morning, and to ensure the volunteers were fueled with enthusiasm and energy, the local Vermilion Tim Hortons stepped up, generously donating steaming cups of coffee and hot chocolate. This gesture not only warmed the participants’ spirits but also provided a sense of unity among those present. It was a show of support that exists between local businesses and the community they serve.

As lunchtime approached, an array of local eateries joined the noble cause, ensuring that no stomach went empty during the arduous day of planting. Express Pizza, Nick’s Family Restaurant, Pizza Hut, and Boston Pizza donated pizzas to satiate the appetites of the hardworking volunteers. This support proved invaluable, offering a respite and much-needed sustenance to the dedicated crew.

TD Canada Trust’s commitment to environmental stewardship in Vermilion has deep roots, spanning nearly a decade. Since 2014, this branch of the financial institution has tirelessly nurtured the community’s green spaces, planting trees that serve as a lasting testament to their dedication to environmental conservation.

The TD Tree Days event in Vermilion goes beyond merely planting trees; it represents a connection between a financial institution and the community it serves. “This is our way of helping to ensure that Vermilion stays green,” commented TD Canada Trust Branch Manager, Marlene Beattie.

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