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The Community Closet Extends A Helping Hand

Back row from left, Vermilion Public Library Manager Stuart Pauls, Library Board Chair Alva Andersen, Vermilion Senior Centre President Sterling MacCallum, Haying in the 30’s Reprentative Lillian Rallison, Vermilion Lions Club Treasurer Peter Clark, and Vermilion Lions Club Lion Tyson Tschaumer. Front row from left, Vermilion Home Care Michelle Eyben, Vermilion Food Bank Geraldine Collins, Community Closet President Rose Hardy, Community Closet Volunteers Linda Wilson and Val Wynnychuk, and Vermilion Lions Club President Hayward Vaters. Photos Lorna Hamilton

In the spirit of generosity that has characterized its existence since 1964, the Vermilion Community Closet continues to be a pillar of support for the community. As a not-for-profit organization, the Community Closet, staffed by dedicated volunteers, allocates 100 per cent of its proceeds to various causes after fulfilling its financial obligations, including rent and other expenses.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization had faced challenges and resorted to presenting smaller donations with single group presentations. However, on November 22, the Community Closet’s volunteers, led by President Rose Hardy, united to present substantial contributions to several community organizations totalling $28,884.95.

Representatives from Friends of Vermilion Health Centre, Vermilion Public Library, Vermilion Home Care, Vermilion Seniors Centre, Santas Anonymous, Haying in the 30’s, and Vermilion Food Bank gathered to receive generous donations. Although a representative from STARS Air Ambulance was unable to attend the group presentation, the organization will still benefit from a $2,000 contribution delivered by mail.

Grieta Louw, representing Friends of Vermilion Health Centre, expressed gratitude for the $15,000 donation, earmarked for the purchase of two new infusion pumps for the hospital.

From left, Community Closet President Rose Hardy, and Friends of Vermilion Health Centre Representative Grieta Louw.

Stuart Pauls, Manager of Vermilion Public Library, and board chair Alva Andersen accepted a $5,000 donation for the Vermilion Public Library elevator project.

Vermilion Home Care’s Michelle Eyben received a $384.95 cheque to support the acquisition of a knee scooter. Geraldine Collins accepted a $2,000 cheque on behalf of the Vermilion Food Bank, while Lions Club treasurer Peter Clark, Lions Club President Hayward Vaters, and new Lions Club member Tyson Tschaumer welcomed a $500 donation to aid the Vermilion Lions Club Santas Anonymous initiative.

Sterling MacCallum, President of Vermilion Senior Centre, graciously accepted a $5,000 cheque, and Lillian Rallison for Haying in the 30’s received a $1,000 donation.

All recipients expressed profound gratitude for the generosity of the Community Closet, emphasizing the significant impact these donations will have on their respective initiatives.

Grieta Louw, speaking on behalf of Friends of Vermilion Health Centre, remarked, “I can’t thank you enough for this very generous donation; it is so very much appreciated.”

Rose Hardy, President of the Community Closet, highlighted the ongoing need for community involvement, encouraging prospective volunteers to step forward.

“We are hoping to attract some younger volunteers, ladies or gentlemen who are looking for a way to help give back to the community and are able to put in the work that is required. We ladies are getting up there in our years, and it would be nice to have the extra help,” said Hardy.


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