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The Ice Plant Field Combined

From left,  Shawn Jacula, Greg Throndon, Ryan Bouma, Quintin Barnes, Andrew McCrae,  Dylan Braddock, Travis Woywitka standing beside the two combines. Photo Braxton Hoare

The Grow the Ice Plant initiative is a combined effort of a few local businesses. With the goal of funding the replacement of the town’s ice plant many local businesses lent their time to help raise money through the growth of a field. The money claimed from the sale of this crop will go towards the purchase of an Ice Plant.

”It’s exciting to see the crop coming off for the good of the much-needed ice plant in Vermilion.” said Shawn Jacula.

A couple of weeks ago Webb’s Machinery volunteered their time and equipment to spray the crop, doing their part for the cause. Last Friday, September 10 Rocky Mountain Equipment and Ireland Farm Equipment went out volunteering their time and equipment towards combining the fields. Due to the harsh lack of rain this year it is likely that the growers will be cashing in on some crop insurance in addition to their sales for the donation. As of now, there is no information on how much was made from the effort. However, Andrew McCrae wanted to thank everyone involved saying “We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who participated in helping grow the field, including, Corteva for broadleaf herbicide, UPL for the wild oat chemical and BASF for the burndown. We would also like to thank Cornerstone Co-op and UFA for the donation of fuel and Rocky Mountain equipment and Ireland Farm equipment for combining. In addition, we would also like to thank Rusylvia transport for hauling the grain, and Cargill for marketing the grain. Finally, Marwayne Ag service and AMHL for hail insurance and MNP for donating the crop insurance.”

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