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The Mason Hall Opens

The Masonic Lodge in Vermilion has a long history, dating back to the very foundation of the community itself.

Through those early years, the Masons were housed in various buildings around town but by the 1930s the decision was made to build a new temple for the organization.

The organization had spent the previous 21 years housed in the Standard Block.

One reason to build in the 1930s was that it would help various people in the community during a tough time with funds. The funds they received for helping to build the temple would go a long way to feeding families.

On Oct. 30, 1937, the cornerstone of the building was laid down in a huge celebration that included grand lodge officers officiating, with a dinner served at the Elks Hall.

Within that cornerstone, copies of the local and daily newspaper were put inside. There are also coins, a list of members and other data preserved within that cornerstone.

With the laying of the cornerstone, the building was declared open. The construction of the building cost $3,000 in total. In 2023 funds, that amounts to about $61,700 today.

MW. Brother Dr. C.C. Hartmann, the grandmaster, performed the ceremony. DR.W. Brother R.S. Sheppard, D.D. Grandmaster also visited the lodge in the evening to inspect its new premises.

Many prominent members of the organization also addressed the crowd about the organization’s history and its new lodge.

The building was built to 30 feet by 60 feet with a patent roof and stucco.

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