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The Triplets Of Vermilion

In March 1945, Vermilion made provincial news when triplets were born in the community.

The triplets were born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Teasdale at the Vermilion Municipal Hospital on March 9, 1945 and were said to be progressing normally and their mother was doing well.

The triplets were born weighing three pounds eight ounces, four pounds one ounce, and four pounds three ounces.

These were not only the first children for the couple, who lived on a farm southeast of Vermilion, but also the first triplets born in Vermilion’s hospital. I couldn’t find if they were the first triplets born in the community but it is quite possible.

In April 1945, the Edmonton Journal published a story about the mother of the triplets, once again unnamed as per the journalistic practice at the time.

It stated that she was hoping to find a washer that could ease the burden of cleaning clothes for the babies. At the time, washer and dryers were rare due to rationing in the war. The Home Appliances Company out of Edmonton stated that there was no way they could get her a washer.

J.H. Teasdale stated, “I believe triplets rate a priority.”

There was a call out to any citizen who could provide a power washing machine to make things easier for the family and a wringer washer was gifted to Mrs. Teasdale.

One year after their birth, the children were once again in the Edmonton Journal, this time with a picture. It was reported that on their first birthday, Robert weighed 19 pounds 12 ounces, James weighed 19 pounds six ounces and Glen weighed 20 pounds. The only difference between the boys was that Glen had a slight mark on his wrist.

Robert was said to be leading the trio in attempting to walk at the time. The babies were described as happy, without a day of sickness in their first year. On their first birthday, each had a separate birthday cake decorated with one blue candle.

The children next pop up in the newspapers in 1951 when they started attending school. The Edmonton Journal reported that the boys were going to attend school in the Union District. The boys were described as full of energy and eagerness.

The last mention of the boys that I found was in 1955 when it was reported that the boys were each presented with a Bible by Arthur J. Burnham, general secretary of the Gideons International in Canada.

Currently, Robert resides on an acreage around Sherwood Park, Jim resides in the Edmonton area, and Glen currently lives in Vermilion. The triplets are now 78 years old and have celebrated their 65th, 70th, and 75th birthdays in a public setting with their families and friends, an 80th birthday celebration will be planned together.

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