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Three Generations Of Farm Fencing

The Klassen family has been operating Alberta 1 Fencing for approximately 10 years near Myrnam. Three generations of staff include David and his wife Helena, their 18-year-old son Abram, and David’s parents Abram and Anita.

“It’s very important to properly maintain fences and keep them up to date; especially closer to the cities. A lot of people have their pasture on the side of the road and it’s very dangerous if cattle get out on the highway. In addition, some farmers like to calve in January, others in April and if the neighbour’s bull gets out, then their calving season will be mixed up and they aren’t prepared for it. They will also have different breeds so by getting mixed, the quality of their livestock can go down,” said David Klassen.

Hands-on he said, is the easiest and best way to learn. For young people learning to fence, he said by seeing it first-hand, it gives you an idea of how the job is done.

“It’s a simple job, but there are always trademarks that can make it an easy and fun job. It’s a very fun job because we get to explore the countryside. Working in a shop or in town, you wouldn’t get to see the many hills and forest, or meet all of the different farmers,” said Klassen.

Alberta 1 Fencing runs until mid-December and they said their biggest challenges are being a seasonal job, working through the freezing weather the grass on the hills becomes slippery in the rain. He said family and being immersed in the countryside are the biggest factors making it all worthwhile.

“Sometimes you go into the woods off the beaten path and you see wild animals – deer, moose or even bears have come to check out our work a couple of times,” said Klassen.

They converted part of a pick-up truck into a fencing machine by mounting a Heavy Hitter post pounder on the chassis. On the side pieces from a swather and a truck include a hydraulic motor to run the transfer case, and a little diesel engine to run the hydraulic pump.

“My wife and I usually pound the posts and my son and parents usually tighten the wire, etc,” said Klassen.

Servicing within a two-hour radius, Alberta 1 Fencing has clients in Edmonton, Athabasca, Bonnyville, Lac La Biche, Wainwright, etc. They provide mostly barbed wire fencing but also do page wire, rails, and buffalo fencing.

Other jobs are always the same old he said, but working out in the country in this region they get to meet new people every week. They even have some succession farm families as return clients who they are “definitely super grateful” to. To find out more about booking fencing jobs, you can call 587-280-1566.

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