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  • Caylie Gnyra

Town Council

The public portion of the April 2 town council meeting sped by faster than the drive from Vermilion to Lloydminster.

After Council adopted the minutes, the mayor opened up the floor for public commentary and correspondence.

The flower baskets on 49th Avenue took up a considerable portion of the meeting, with Council reporting an interest from local businesses in sponsoring flower baskets there in addition to the ones available for sponsorship along Main Street. Administration confirmed that the donation process is the same as for those on Main Street, and that interested parties should contact Community Services at the town office at 780-581-2402 to sponsor a flower basket. Residents looking to beautify their gardens in colours complementary to the Town’s can also contact our local flower shops to purchase personal baskets.

Councillor Robert Pulyk also invited individuals interested in resurrecting our town’s Communities in Bloom committee to contact the town office at the number mentioned above to get involved in organizing baskets, procuring donations, and even competing nationally, as the community has done in the past.

Accounts payable for the period of March 20 to April 2, 2024 totalled $504,260.95.

During the Council Round Table, Deputy Mayor Kevin Martin and Councillor Paul Conlon—both volunteer firefighters with the Vermilion Fire Department—noted that fire season has begun and the dryness has been keeping them busy. They implored the public to ensure all fires are fully put out.

Councillor Kirby Whitlock shared that the Rotary Club will be working on their big community garage sale that is coming up in the next few weeks at the Vermilion curling rink. A well-loved highlight of the Vermilion year, the Rotary Garage Sale receives and sorts donations a week prior to the event, which then kicks off with a mad dash through the west-side curling rink garage door on the opening Thursday of the sale. “I love to watch that Thursday video where they show the rush of shoppers going in,” said Mayor Greg Throndson. Donations will be accepted April 11–13, from 5–8 p.m. on the Thursday and Friday and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Saturday. Please have all items “sale ready.” For pickup of items, call or text Bernie Webb at 780-853-7121 or Scott Webb at 780-853-7282. The sale will run April 18–20. Proceeds from the sale generously support programs throughout our community.

Council reported on a well-attended Economic Development Training Session at the Pomeroy hotel, organized by the Vermilion Public Library.

Mayor Throndson noted that the lack of ambulances in our area needs to be addressed badly, but celebrated Vermilion’s Junior B hockey team for drawing nearly 3,000 people out into the stands—a record number of people in the last 20 years.

Following a short discussion of a letter sent by the Minister of Municipal Affairs Rick McIver on the Provincial Education Credit Extension Program regarding delinquent oil and gas property tax payments, the public portion of the meeting was adjourned at 6:28 p.m.


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