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Town Council Update

Vermilion’s Town Council held a regular meeting on February 1, here are some of the highlights. At present, council meetings are available to the public by electronic means only as per COVID-19 Recommendations as per Public Meeting Procedures (COVID-19 Suppression) Regulation. You can continue to watch Council meetings through the Town’s YouTube channel which you can access through their website. The next regular Council meeting is on February 15, at 7 p.m.

The Town’s new Director of Infrastructure and Planning Services, Mr. Benjamin McPhee was introduced to the council and viewers. He began his new role the week of January 31.

The Vermilion Wellness Coalition gave the council a synopsis on their role in the community and provided an update on the WalkAble project that was undertaken several years ago. The coalition asked the council to consider the walkability of Vermilion (how accessible is safe walking throughout the town) in their upcoming Strategic Planning sessions.

Sgt. Dunsmore from the RCMP Detachment provided the council with the Quarterly Community Policing for the October 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021 quarter. Sgt. Dunsmore updated on the staffing changes in the detachment. A new corporal is coming and starts in March. Sgt. Dunsmore talked about the launch of the Province-wide initiative “Operation Cold Start”. Officers patrol looking for vehicles left running, unattended and unsecured. The owner is located and an information pamphlet is left in an effort to reduce stolen vehicle crime. There has been positive feedback on social media regarding this initiative. Dunsmore explained the general downward trend in crimes throughout the area overall with the exception of fraud. Fraud-related crimes have seen an increase, including phishing, but it seems that telephone fraud is more prevalent here.

Councillor Whitlock moved, “That Council for the Town of Vermilion accepts the presented Northern Lights Library System 2022 Budget at a cost of $23,770.35.” The council voted to accept the motion.

There were some Committee and Board Appointment shufflings. Councillor Pulyk motioned, “That Council for the Town of Vermilion approves the following committee appointments and amendments:

Additional appointment to Parks, Recreation and Culture Board – Councillor Paul Conlon

Additional appointment to Library Board – Councillor Joshua Rayment

Appointment to Northern Lights Library System (NLLS) – Councillor Joshua Rayment (as alternate)

Councillor Robert Pulyk appointed to North East Alberta Information HUB Ltd. to replace Mayor Gregory Throndson

Mayor Gregory Throndson was appointed to Vermilion River Regional Alliance (VRRA) to replace Councillor Robert Pulyk”

This motion was carried. A listing of which committees and boards Councillors sit on is available on the Town’s website.


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