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Town Of Vermilion Welcomes New Businesses

Kennedy Zurborg, Manager of The Hunt Thrift store with the plaque received from the Town of Vermilion.

From left, Mayor Caroline McAuley presenting Owner of Personal Shopper Lakeland Shelly Roberts with the Town of Vermilion Plaque for new businesses.

From left, Mayor Caroline McAuley and Engima Art owner Dana Lychak receiving her plaque from the Town of Vermilion. Photos Lorna Hamilton

Vermilion Mayor Caroline McAuley alongside Economic Development Officer Mary Lee Prior presented New Business Plaques to three businesses in Vermilion on Feb 17, Engima Art, Personal Shopper Lakeland and The Hunt.

“It is wonderful to see new businesses in our town and these plaques have been at the office for a while due to COVID so we are doing our best to get them all handed out to our new business owners,” said Mayor McAuley. She went on to say that it is always good to have lots of options and opportunities for people to have local services.

Owner of Engima Art Tattoos, Dana Lychak accepted her plaque from Mayor McAuley and said “Thank you so much, this is really cool.”

Lychak opened her Tattoo shop in February last year and explained how it has been a different year due to all the yo-yo-ing of the restrictions.

“I opened last February and then got shut down and then I reopened and was super busy and then I was shut down again. I am finely reopened now,” said Lychak.

Currently, she can only take appointments as walk-ins are not allowed and she is booking well into March.

“I think it is amazing that you opened in February, and with all the challenges it shows that you have the strength that is needed to be an entrepreneur,” said Mayor McAuley.

Lychak grew up near Derwent and apprenticed under tattoo artist Renita Senz from Elk Point. She has been tattooing for five years and has always wanted to be a tattoo artist since she was a little girl.

“You know how your parents have those things from your childhood that say what you want to be when you grew up, well mine was either a Vet or a Tattoo Artist,” said Lychak.

According to Lychak there is no college training to become a Tattoo Artist but you should always apprentice under another artist and make sure you do a blood-borne pathogens course.

“Anyone can buy a tattoo machine off of Amazon but there are techniques and designing you must know including different colouring, shading and you must be artistically inclined and be able to draw, etc.,” explained Lychak.

Lychak went on to say that tattooing is her passion, she loves working with people and the art aspect of tattooing keeps her mind busy.

Owner of Personal Shopper Lakeland Shelly Roberts was also presented with her new business plaque the same day by Mayor McAuley.

With this unique business Roberts goes to the city and thrifts at places like the Good Will and purchases items to resell on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

“I would really like to take over the community closet but they are not interested in having me do it my way and having me change things. They are very successful in what they do so that is their thing and I just wanted to do my own thing. I love what everyone has done downtown but not everyone can afford it and I want people to have nice things and be able to have those things at a low cost,” explained Roberts.

If a client wanted a certain gift or any item they can contact Roberts through her Facebook page or by phoning or emailing her. Her contact information is on her page. She also has items for sale listed on her social media sites.

“If anyone is looking for certain things for example like I am looking for this for a birthday gift, or I need this size in jeans, I’m looking for pjs, I’m looking for leggings, I’m looking for a spring jacket, etc. I just put it on my list for when I go,” explained Roberts. The Hunt Thrift Store located in Lakeland Mall also received a plaque on Feb 17.

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