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UFA Celebrates Farmers

From left, Niki Ryan, Fred Thun UFA Chief Financial Officer, Steve Danderfer Senior Sales Manager for Northern Alberta, Connor Njaa Vermilion UFA Customer Account Manager, and Trace Wilhem Vermilion UFA Customer Account Manager. Photo Sue Chikie

On June 9 the Vermilion UFA branch seized the opportunity to celebrate the hardworking farmers in the area. Under the glorious sunshine and amidst warm temperatures, a BBQ smokie lunch accompanied by a delicious piece of pie and ice cream was served, bringing smiles and satisfaction to all in attendance.

Trent Isley, store manager of the Vermilion UFA Farm and Ranch Supply Store noted that today is a special day to celebrate our members and agricultural community and that they should be appreciated not just today but every day.

“I want to thank our customers and members for their support throughout the years, and I would like to let everyone know that you don’t have to be a member to shop at UFA, anyone can purchase from our store and all are welcome. You can check out our products and also shop on our website at,” said Isley.

The significance of this day can be traced back to the roots of Farmer’s Day in Alberta. According to Kevin Hoppins, UFA Board chairman, the tradition dates as far back as 1914 when the Roseview local chapter of UFA, near Carbon, Alberta, hosted an annual gathering known as ‘UFA Sunday.’ The purpose of this event was to bring together UFA members, irrespective of their religious affiliations, for a religious service. The organizers believed that by highlighting the common goals of the church and the farmers’ organization, they could foster goodwill and cooperation among the community. The concept gained popularity and eventually became a province-wide event during UFA’s 1918 conference, incorporating athletic events and speeches over the years.

In 2010, UFA Co-operative Limited revived the tradition of celebrating Farmer’s Day to pay homage to Alberta’s agricultural producers, families, and members. The day has seen various adaptations, but its essence has remained consistent—recognizing and honoring the relentless efforts of farmers who contribute significantly to our communities.

However, UFA’s dedication to their members and customers goes beyond a single day of celebration. UFA is holding an engaging online contest this Farmer’s Day, offering two fortunate UFA members the chance to win $5,000 UFA gift cards. Members can also earn bonus entries with every online purchase. The contest will run from June 8 to June 26, presenting an excellent opportunity for members to enhance their UFA experience.

Adding to the excitement, one-day-only draws took place at all UFA locations. Each Farm & Ranch Supply store received a Pit Boss Table Top Gas Grill and Spice Pack, and customers were provided the opportunity to enter the draw on Friday, June 9, with the official draw scheduled for June 16, as per the contest rules.

For those visiting the Petroleum agencies, a special draw was held exclusively on Farmer’s Day. The coveted prize included an AGI Westeel Road-Vault Flat Top (Dual Wall) Fuel Tank and a Fill-Rite 12V DC 20GPM Heavy-Duty Fuel Transfer Pump with Automatic Nozzle. The draw will take place on June 16, following the official contest guidelines.

Scott Bolton, the President and CEO of UFA, emphasized the significance of this event, stating, “It’s not just about one day; it’s about celebrating what farmers do every day.” He expressed UFA’s pride in its rich history of commemorating Farmer’s Day and its unwavering commitment to supporting farmers in keeping nutritious food on our shelves. The dedication to Alberta’s agriculture industry and the relentless efforts of UFA’s members and customers remains paramount.”

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