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Upper Level Art Gallery

IMG_1746 Glasswork by Marg Varga. Photo Elaina John

Upper Level Art Gallery in Craig’s Cornerstone opened on September 1.

The Art Gallery is a showcase for local artists from all over the Lakeland area, and some as far as Edmonton.

“It was just really good timing,” Upper Level Owner Heather Millan commented. Millan conversed with a friend over the idea and soon it was put into action.

“It’s a definite need, the artists had nowhere to showcase,” Millan explained.

Millan reported that it only took four weeks to reach out to artists and set up the showcase. Due to COVID-19, many art shows and opportunities to showcase art have been cancelled. Upper Level Art Gallery gives artists an opportunity to continue showcasing despite the unfortunate circumstance COVID-19 has given to them.

As of September 1, the gallery is showcasing work from 35 different artists of varying mediums, and Millan said she has room for more. The mediums vary from pottery, photography, paintings, glass, woodwork, sewing, and more.

Millan is an artist herself, and has been doing pottery for 10 years, and showcases her work at the gallery. She is also involved with the pottery guild, where she teaches.

For more information, visit the Upper Level Art Gallery facebook page.

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