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Upper Level Salon Now Open

From left, Mary Lee Prior-Vermilion Economic Development Officer, Councillor Joshua Rayment, Councillor Robert Pulyk, Upper Level Salon owner Shaelyn Fahselt, Kevin Lucas-Vermilion CAO, Mayor Greg Throndson, Councillor Kevin Martin, Vermilion Chamber manager Leanne Martin and Councillor Kirby Whitlock. Photo Braxton Hoare

November 1, owner Shaelyn Fahselt of the new Upper Level Salon was presented a welcome plaque from Mayor Greg Throndson, Town of Vermilion CAO Kevin Lucas, Councillors Robert Pulyk, Kevin Martin, Joshua Rayment, and Kirby Whitlock, as well as Economic Development officer Mary Lee Prior and Vermilion & District Chamber of Commerce manager Leanne Martin during the ribbon cutting of her new hair salon.

The new salon is located in the Prairie Place building next to Boston Pizza at 5208 46 Ave Suite 205B and Fahselt commented that she wanted to open her own studio/hair salon and she chose Vermilion because it is where she, “kind of grown-up,” and that she likes the values Vermilion has and that she also likes the family vibes and everything like that.

Mayor Greg Throndson welcomed the new business and echoed his previous thoughts at another ribbon cutting held the same day that it is important for any business no matter if it is small or large is a building block for the town of Vermilion.

“Every little business helps make Vermilion stronger and we are pleased to have these small businesses opening up in Vermilion,” said Mayor Throndson.

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