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Vegreville And County Of Minburn Renew Fire And Emergency Services Agreement

In a press release on December 22, 2021, the Town of Vegreville and the County of Minburn No. 27 announced they had approved a new joint Fire and Emergency Services Agreement. The Town and County have held a joint Fire and Emergency Services Agreement since March of 2007. Coming into effect on January 1, the new agreement will run until December 31, 2031. The two major highlights of the agreement are the contribution by both municipalities of $80,000 on an annual basis for capital purchases going forward, and a service area agreement that the Vegreville Fire Department respond to calls within the County territory from Highway 36 west to the county border.

“The Town of Vegreville is happy to enter into this agreement with the County of Minburn. Council is exceptionally proud of the Vegreville Fire Department’s highly trained members and know they’re up to task of continuing to help protect our neighbours within the County. Council is also happy to further develop our relationship with the County of Minburn as we know collaboration and cooperation are keys to the mutual success of our municipalities.” stated Tim MacPhee, Mayor, Town of Vegreville.

“The County of Minburn is pleased to have reached a long-term fire services agreement with the Town of Vegreville. We appreciate the level of professionalism and quality of service the Vegreville Fire Department provides, and we are fortunate to have them as our partners for the next 10 years. We believe this agreement gives the opportunity to enhance our intermunicipal relationship while providing County residents in the Vegreville area with exceptional emergency services.” said Reeve Roger Konieczny.

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