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Vermilion 4-H Beef Club Celebrates Achievement Day

Vermilion 4-H Beef Club members. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Under the warm rays of the sun and amidst pleasant weather, the Vermilion 4-H Beef Club joyfully gathered for their annual Achievement Day on May 28th at the Vermilion Fair Grounds.

Months of dedicated efforts were put forth by the 4-H members to prepare their project animals for this special occasion, and they were eager to showcase the fruits of their labour. The members, aged 9 to 18, proudly presented their well-raised steers, heifers, as well as 2 and 3-year-old cow/calf pairs.

Judge Amy Wenstob had the esteemed task of evaluating the well-groomed animals, which vividly displayed the members’ mastery in halter breaking, grooming, and clipping techniques. She also had the opportunity to observe the members’ animals and assess the soundness of their decisions in selecting the right animals, as well as their aptitude in providing care and nourishment, resulting in the development of well-defined animals.

The show commenced at 9 a.m., but the diligent members had arrived early to pamper their project animals with a well-deserved spa day, ensuring their animals looked their absolute best for the event. The 4-H members were categorized into junior, intermediate, and senior classes, along with a special Cleaver Kids show, wherein the winners of each class advanced to compete for the coveted overall champion title.

During the event, the club provided a delectable lunch, and awards were presented to honour the exceptional achievements of the participants. Paetyn Herzog was bestowed with the Grand Champion Steer award, generously sponsored by Misty Hills Charolais, while Raylee Martin received the Reserve Grand Champion Steer award, sponsored by Vermilion Vet Clinic. Taylor Farkash earned the prestigious Grand Champion Overall Female title, sponsored by Branded Western Wear, and Jalynn Westman was recognized as the Reserve Grand Champion Overall Female, sponsored by Stalwick Livestock.

The Vermilion 4-H Beef Club extends its heartfelt appreciation to all their sponsors for their unwavering support. A special thank you goes to the Vermilion Ag Society for generously allowing the use of their grounds and facilities for this memorable event.

Additionally, the Clandonald and Vermilion Interclub Heifer Show began at 5 p.m. on May 28, with the Interclubs steer show and Sale held on May 29 at the Vermilion Ag Grounds. The show started at 9 a.m. with the Championship class at 2 p.m. The sale began at 2:30 p.m. The results for the Vermilion 4-H Beef Club are as follows.

Paetyn Herzog -Grand Champion Steer, Raylee Martin - Reserve Champion Steer, Taylor Farkash - Grand Champion Overall Female, Jalynn Westman - Reserve Champion Overall Female. Senior Grooming went to Rylan Lehmann - Senior Grooming 1st, Raylee Martin - Senior Grooming 2nd. Senior Showmanship winners were; Rylan Lehmann - Senior Showmanship 1st, Raylee Martin - Senior Showmanship 2nd.

In the Intermediate level, the awards are as follows: Paetyn Herzog - Intermediate Grooming 1st, Jalynn Westman - Intermediate Grooming 2nd. Showmanship: Jalynn Westman - Intermediate Showmanship 1st, Halle Lehmann - Intermediate Showmanship 2nd.

Junior level awards went to; Edge Lehmann - Junior Grooming 1st, Walker Westman - Junior Grooming 2nd. Showmanship: Walker Westman - Junior Showmanship 1st, Laytyn Pulyk - Junior Showmanship 2nd.

Senior, Intermediate, and Junior Judging results are as follows; Rylan Lehmann - Senior Judging 1st, Raylee Martin - Senior Judging 2nd, Paetyn Herzog - Intermediate Judging 1st, Jalynn Westman -Intermediate Judging 2nd, Briggs Snelgrove - Junior Judging 1st, Walker Westman - Junior Judging 2nd.

The Best Homegrown Steer and Female winners are; Jalynn Westman - Best Homegrown Steer, and Briggs Snelgrove - Best Homegrown Female.

Raylee Martin received the - Best Rate of Gain.

From left, Paetyn Herzog -Grand Champion Steer, Raylee Martin - Reserve Champion Steer. Photos submitted

From left, Taylor Farkash Grand Champion Overall Female, Jalynn Westman, Reserve Champion Overall Female.


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