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Vermilion Ag Foods Grand Opening

Vermilion Ag Foods grocery store. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Vermilion Ag Food staff during Pink Day 2021. Photo submitted

McDonald’s Family Foods was acquired by David Jee on October 6, 2020. David, his wife Joyce Ryu and their four daughters are from Linden, Alberta, a town which David describes as small but peaceful and beautiful.

One of the reasons Jee decided to purchase the grocery store in Vermilion is because Vermilion was as familiar as Linden.

“In particular, the kindness and relaxation of seniors was above all,” stated Jee.

Jee has prior grocery experience but says that he plans to grow and learn with all of his family.

“I refer to my staff as family, and I want to make a happy and enjoyable workplace for everyone,” Jee explained. He also went on to say that he grandfathered all the previous McDonald’s staff into the new grocery store and plans to retire in Vermilion when the time comes.

According to Jee one of the biggest changes when McDonald’s Foods became Vermilion Ag Foods was the addition of the international food aisle and that they plan to deal with a little more international food in the future.

“We currently carry international food items from South Korean, Japan, Italy, Philippines, India, UK and Eastern Canada,” stated Jee.

Vermilion Ag Foods also offers delivery, curbside square services and will also work with customers on special request items if possible.

“We will find ways to kindly reach out to our customers, and we will achieve our growth through customer satisfaction,” said Jee.

Jee is proud to own Vermilion Ag Foods and says that he plans to contribute to society by creating employment, protecting the environment, and respecting various cultures.

“To help protect the environment we offer a free re-usable shopping bag during their grand opening with a minimum $20 purchase,” said Jee.

Vermilion Ag Foods will be holding their official grand opening sales from April 11 to the 17 and invites the community to stop by and celebrate during the week while enjoying fantastic savings, such as BBQ ideas, 15 per cent off meat and daily baked fresh bread items.

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