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Vermilion And District Housing Celebrates Seniors

Vermilion and District Housing (VDH) hosted a BBQ celebration in honour of Seniors’ Week on June 8 and the event was a resounding success.

Generously co-sponsored by Cornerstone Co-op, the BBQ essentials were prepared with the help of their staff members. Mouthwatering hamburgers and hotdogs were served, accompanied by chips, a can of pop, and a dessert.

Adding a touch of local talent to the festivities, Cassie Cameron, a young and gifted performer, provided entertainment throughout the lunch. Her voice filled the air, creating a cheerful ambiance and adding to the joyful atmosphere of the event.

The celebration was open to all residents and their family members, as well as seniors from the local senior manors. Carrie Kohlruss, Chief Administrative Officer of Vermilion and District Housing, emphasized the importance of celebrating the seniors in the community and recognizing their knowledge, experiences, and contributions. She expressed excitement about the event, particularly as it brought together Manor Residents from Parkway, Valleyview, and Westend, along with Lodge and DSL3 family members and loved ones. Kohlruss noted that it had been too long since the organization could host an event of this capacity and expressed gratitude for the seniors who are the reason behind Vermilion and District Housing’s existence.

The event served as a meaningful opportunity for families to spend quality time with their loved ones and for seniors to connect with peers from other senior manors, fostering friendships and shared experiences.

To enhance the festive spirit, yard games were made available. The management team, staff, and some special guests engaged in a light-hearted activity, allowing attendees to aim for their faces with a pie or have the chance to dunk them in the dunk tank for a small fee of $5. Laughter filled the air as participants lined up to take their shot, raising additional funds for the recreation department. Monetary donations collected during the event will be used to support future activities, ensuring a vibrant and engaging environment for the residents.

The occasion wouldn’t have been complete without the generous contributions of Piece of Cake wedding planning, who provided tents and chairs for the attendees. Their support and commitment to the event’s success were greatly appreciated, as they created a comfortable and inviting setting for everyone to relax and enjoy the festivities.

Reflecting on the event, Carrie Kohlruss expressed delight at the laughs, fun, and merriment that took place. The staff of Vermilion and District Housing thoroughly enjoyed hosting the residents, tenants, families, and members of the community, celebrating Senior’s Week 2023.

The BBQ celebration organized by Vermilion and District Housing emphasized the importance of recognizing and cherishing our senior citizens, and it served as a memorable occasion to honour and appreciate their invaluable presence in the community.


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