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Vermilion And District Housing Hosts Successful Seniors’ Week Celebration

Vermilion and District Housing celebrated Seniors’ Week with a vibrant BBQ event that delighted attendees despite being moved indoors due to high winds on June 6. Held inside the Lodge, the gathering ensured comfort for the seniors and allowed the festivities to proceed smoothly.

Generosity from Cornerstone Co-op played a significant role in the event’s success. The Co-op donated a portion of the food and provided BBQ equipment to cook the hamburgers and hotdogs, which were served alongside chips, assorted beverages, and ice cream treats. The culinary delights were a hit among the attendees, who appreciated the hearty meal.

Adding a unique cultural flair to the celebration, Norm and Shirley, a talented duo from Edmonton, performed traditional Irish music. Their lively tunes had everyone tapping their feet and added to the joyous atmosphere of the afternoon.

The event was open to all residents, their family members, seniors from local senior manors, and the broader community. It served as a meaningful opportunity to honour the seniors’ contributions, knowledge, and experiences. Families spent quality time with their loved ones, and seniors had the chance to connect with peers from other manors, fostering new friendships and shared experiences.

“Events like this are invaluable in celebrating and honouring our seniors, recognizing their contributions to our community and the wisdom they share. We hope that everyone that attended had a great afternoon celebrating Seniors’ Week and enjoying the festivities we had planned,” commented Brittany Bratrud, Recreation and Marketing Director for the Vermilion & District Housing Foundation.

The celebration also benefited from the dedicated efforts of volunteers from the Vermilion Credit Union who were onsite to assist residents with entering and exiting the building, as well as serving. A youth volunteer from J.R. Robson was also on hand to assist with collecting donations.

The successful BBQ celebration highlighted the importance of community, connection, and appreciation for the seniors who have shaped Vermilion with their wisdom and experiences.

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