• Lorna Hamilton

Vermilion And Kitscoty Rural Crime Watch Amalgamates

From left, Darrell Wright- President, Harry Jacula – Former President of the Vermilion Rural Crime Watch, and Paul Harrison – Treasurer of the County of Vermilion River Crime Watch Association. Photo Lorna Hamilton

The Alberta Rural Crime Watch program was established back in 1978 but was known as the Range Patrol but due to a negative image in the media, the name was changed to its current, Rural Crime Watch (RCW). According to https://www.ruralcrimewatch.ab.ca/ the vision of the Rural Crime Watch program is to help prevent crime by building relationships through promotion, community involvement and identifying future needs with effective communication.

While the intent of the Rural Watch Program is to still provide the extra “eyes and ears” for the RCMP the focus has changed and is now to promote crime prevention through awareness, education and encouraging reporting of suspicious activity when it is observed.

The Vermilion and Kitscoty Rural Crime watch has now amalgamated to form the County of Vermilion River Rural Crime Watch Association.