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Vermilion Dental Welcomes Dr. Radasic

Vermilion Dental recently added Dr. Radasic to their team.

Radasic grew up locally, attending high school in Vermilion while being raised in Clandonald. She had planned to go into the health care field, and had a shift in University.

“I took a trip to a dentist in the University and thought, ‘I could do this’,” Radasic explained.

Radasic has been practicing dentistry for over 5 years now, and is coming to Vermilion Dental after working in Wainwright.

Radasic enjoys living rurally, and found it attractive to live close to home to get family support while starting her own family. Radasic’s first child is eight months old.

Another aspect of rural living that Radasic enjoys is the strong sense of community.

“It’s nice seeing old patients,” Radasic commented, “rural patients are memorable and you can catch up with them.”

Radasic is comfortable in Vermilion’s community, and is looking forward to this long-term job opportunity.

Dr. Radasic. Photo submitted

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