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Vermilion Goes Back To School

Joy age six, Logan age 8, Wade age 4 and Grace age 10 on the 1st day of school. Sue Chikie

K-12 schools in Vermilion began with COVID-19 protocols in place, on September 1.

Both VES and St. Jerome’s began with scattered days, in which about half the students began school on the first day, and the other half began on the second. September 3 was VES and St. Jerome’s first day at full capacity.

“We have a good plan,” commented VES Principal Calvin Anhorn, “We’re finding everything we do requires new thinking,” he added, as the mode of operation in all schools has changed greatly due to COVID-19.

“Young people adapt to change much easier than adults. The kids were so excited to be back that the modifications we asked of them seemed minimal,” said St. Jerome’s Principal Allan Chase.

Vermilion Outreach School has underwent quite a few changes, not only with COVID-19 but with relocation. The school is going to be located in JR. Robson’s North Wing, but whilst it is under renovation, the school is operating in the JR. Robson Training Centre.

“They’ve [the students] been very adaptive and very acceptive” said VOS Principal Barry Scinski, “We’re excited to be back with the kids and we’re excited about our new people.”

Schools in Vermilion, as always, are offering various supports for students including VIBE staff, and other staff trained in mental health related issues. VES obtained a new VIBE worker this year, along with a new Social Emotional Coach. St. Jerome’s and VOS work with FSL (Family School Liaison) workers and school councillors.


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