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Vermilion In August 1924

It is time to take a trip back and see what was going on during a given week in Vermilion. This time, I am journeying back in time to the week of August 11, to see what was happening in Vermilion.

First, the Vermilion Creamery, owned by P. Burns and Company, was filling an order for five carloads of butter that was going to the Vancouver Creamery Company. Four cars had already left, and the final car was going to be shipped out within a week.

The annual school fair was announced, with the date set as Sept. 17. A total of 19 schools had entered and a lot of interest was being shown in the event. The events included garden products, flowers, grains, livestock, elementary science, sewing, penmanship, geography and more.

F.S. Wright, the editor of Good Roads magazine, spent a couple of days in town in the interest of the Auto and Good Roads Association. He inspected the proposed tourist camping grounds at the golf course and felt it was an ideal location.

Also in town was L.A. Wilde, who represented the Overseas Settlement Board and National Council of the YMCA of great Britain. He was joined by H.A. Craig, the deputy minister of Agriculture, who were interested in a scheme to bring 150 men to Canada to undergo farming training in Vermilion. Speaking to a group at the Veterans’ Club, Craig stated that he had a favourable impression of the area during his visit.

H.E. Spencer and William Irvine, both southern Alberta Members of Parliament, were in the area to address a public meeting.

A bit of unfortunate news was that Sir Henry Thornton sent a wire to the community stating there was a change in itinerary and he would not be coming to the community. A celebration was cancelled as a result.

As for good news, William Steele was able to finish putting up a horse stable and garage on his property after he lost both in a fire in the spring.

Lastly, the Vermilion golf club was successful in defending the McWilliams-Dawson Cup against a team from Elk Point. The locals won by 26 strokes to retain the championship.

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