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Vermilion In July 1924

Once a month, I like to delve into what was happening in a community one century ago. Since we are now in July, it is time to see what was happening in July 1924 in Vermilion.

On July 5, a thunderstorm came through the area and while there was a worry that it would cause destruction to structures and crops, what it brought was a lot of rain. The storm arrived on what was described as a murky day, before it released an hour of rain. It then broke, only to release another two to three hours of rain afterwards.

On July 10, over 2,000 people attended a stampede north of Vermilion where 200 horses were engaged in competition across several areas. Everyone greatly enjoyed the event as it was a nice break for the drudgery of the summer.

On July 12, it was announced that 80 per cent of the crop could be harvested in the area despite dry weather so far that season. A recent rain had fallen, helping to improve the crop percentage and everyone was hopeful that there was going to be a good crop for the rest of the year.

That same day, M.A. Brimacombe was appointed the vendor in the community. He was one of the oldest residents in the community at that time.

On July 17, Vermilion lost a seven-inning baseball game to Lloydminster 9 to 4. It was a close game for much of the game but Lloydminster ran away with it in the sixth inning, leading to the loss.

There was some sad news in Vermilion when on July 19, Hildred Craddock, the eight-year-old daughter of James Craddock, was killed by the accident discharge of a gun while visiting her uncle who lived in Bowden.

On July 23, teachers were named in the Vermilion School at the recent school board meeting. Robert Gould was appointed as the new principal, while Ada Anderson became the vice principal of the high school. Gould was a graduate of McMaster University and Anderson had attended the University of Alberta where she earned a Master’s degree.

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