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Vermilion In October 1912

The year 1912 was overall a good year for Canada, Alberta and Vermilion. The country was booming still, and the First World War was still two years away.

So, what was happening in Vermilion in the middle of October 1912? Let’s take a look!

The first dance of the autumn season took place at the Royal George Theatre, with over 100 people in attendance. Everyone felt that the entire affair was a huge success.

The members of the Ladies Aid with the Presbyterian Church had their autumn meeting as well. At the meeting Mrs. Simons was presented with a beautiful cut glass piece of art since she was moving with her husband to Edmonton.

After one year of being the first branch manager of the Royal Bank of Canada in Vermilion, R.S. Gates was being transferred out and would be replaced by H.R. Colvert of Brownsville, Ontario.

Joseph Robinson went down to Lethbridge and presented what was called an excellent display of grains to the Dry Farming Congress there. He had a yield of 1,264 bushels of potatoes from two acres of land. Some said it was a record in Alberta.

A Miss Reid took over from Miss Woods as the operator of the telephone exchange in the community. The exchange had just been moved into its own building from the Brimmacombe Block.

It was also announced that quite a number of Vermilion’s residents were going to be spending the winter in Europe, visiting family and getting away from the cold weather of the season.

The Williams Concert Company was in town and gave an excellent performance that many people enjoyed. It proved to be a good break from working for many in the community.

Lastly, Harvest Services were held in the Anglican Church and a lot of people attended. The church was completely decorated with products from the grain fields.

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