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Vermilion Lions Club Hosts Heartwarming Annual Walk For Dog Guides

Some of the participants in the Vermilion Lions Club Dog Walk for Dog Guides. Photo Lorna Hamilton

On a beautiful spring afternoon, the Vermilion Lions Club hosted its heartwarming annual Walk for Dog Guides at the picturesque CN Station in Vermilion Provincial Park on May 26. The delightful event saw participants gather for sign-in at 1 p.m., eagerly anticipating the start of the walk at 2 p.m. Families, friends, and their furry companions came together in a joyous celebration of community and compassion.

The Walk for Dog Guides is a cherished event that raises crucial funds to provide life-changing Dog Guides to Canadians facing various medical and physical challenges. These extraordinary dogs assist with vision, hearing, service, seizure response, autism support, diabetic alerts, and facility aid. Remarkably, every penny raised goes directly towards the meticulous training and placement of these incredible canine helpers. Since its inception in 1985, the Walk for Dog Guides has impressively raised over $21 million.

The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides proudly notes that this event has been a fundraiser for more than 33 years, now recognized as the Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides. The event spans approximately 300 communities across Canada, making a profound national impact.

These specially trained Dog Guides significantly enhance the independence, mobility, and safety of their handlers, offering them a new lease on life. Despite the substantial $35,000 cost to raise, train, and place each dog, every eligible Canadian receives their Dog Guide entirely free of charge. The success of this noble cause relies on the boundless generosity of volunteers, donors, and partners.

“We have been organizing the walk here in Vermilion for the past 13 years and have raised a substantial amount of money for the cause,” shared Jimmy Cryderman, a dedicated Lions Club member and the event’s organizer.

“I am incredibly grateful for the unwavering support from my Lions Club members in making this event a reality. I’m also deeply thankful for the loyal supporters who come out each year; this dog walk holds a special place in my heart. And thank you to the Vermilion Pet Valu who donated goodies for the dogs in the walk.”

Over the years, participants have come from Vermilion, Lloydminster, Mannville, and Dewberry, underscoring the event’s widespread appeal and regional significance. The Walk for Dog Guides is more than just a fundraiser; it is a celebration of hope, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between humans and their canine companions.

This year’s event once again highlighted the community’s dedication to supporting individuals in need. The Vermilion Lions Club continues to make a meaningful difference through their unwavering commitment and heartfelt efforts, ensuring that this beloved tradition thrives for years to come.

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