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Vermilion Outreach School Feeds Their Community Partners

Switching pizzas around in the oven. Photo Dawn Riley

Due to an Alberta Addictions Grant that the Vermilion Wellness Coalition accessed and Vermilion Is Being Empowered (VIBE), the students at Vermilion Outreach School are going to be enjoying lunches from around the world for six weeks this fall. Beginning September 15, students will be preparing and enjoying food from Italy, Thailand, and China. A homemade pasta meal is also planned, as well as a full roast beef dinner.

With the help of their VIBE coach and school staff, students prepared several pizzas on Wednesday to serve to their community partners. The RCMP, Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, Buffalo Trail Public School Staff, Lakeland College, Town of Vermilion, and County of Vermilion River Councillors were all invited to enjoy a fresh oven-baked pizza at the Vermilion Heritage Oven. Since the remainder of the lunches will be at the school, just the students and staff will be able to enjoy their hard work, the school felt that the pizza lunch was the perfect opportunity for the students to show off their cooking talents while thanking their community partners for their support.

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