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Vermilion Senior Centre Celebrates Milestone In Floor Project Fundraising

Seniors centre donation thermometer January 16th. Photo submitted

The Vermilion Senior Centre is delighted to announce a significant milestone in its fundraising efforts for the much-anticipated floor project. As of January 16, an impressive $21,592.90 has been raised, a feat that showcases the community’s unwavering support for the project.

This encouraging progress is prominently displayed on the goal board thermometer situated in front of the Senior Centre, providing a visual representation of the community’s generosity.

Thanks to the collective contributions from various entities, including organizations, clubs, businesses, individual members, and the broader community, the Senior Centre is now poised to initiate the inaugural phase of the floor project. The focus will be on the north section of the hall, where the aging tile floor is set to be replaced by Toma Fine Flooring of Vermilion. Work is tentatively scheduled to commence on February 23, 2024, and the affected area will be temporarily closed for approximately two weeks. Despite this, the remaining areas of the Centre will remain accessible for most scheduled events, ensuring minimal disruption to activities such as bingo, whist, pool, monthly birthday celebrations, informative presentations, and various rentals.

For detailed information on event schedules and specific arrangements during the floor replacement period, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Executive Assistant, Dianne, at 780-853-4292 or 780-853-7280.

The Vermilion Senior Centre extends heartfelt gratitude to a list of contributors who have played a pivotal role in reaching this fundraising milestone. Notable contributors include Bruce MacDuff, Henry and Mary Lychak, Brenda Walls, Joanne Mones, Margaret West, Brian Snow, Lil Sweet, Rome Molsberry, Ken Bossert, Marie West, Richard Yaceyko, Sylvia Preteau, and Al Noble. Additionally, local businesses and organizations such as The Vermilion Rotary Club, the Vermilion Crisis Line, Western Financial, and the Community Closet have demonstrated their commitment to the community by contributing to the cause. They would also like to thank the individuals who have contributed and wish to remain private.

Although significant progress has been made, the Senior Centre is keen to emphasize that the fundraising efforts are ongoing. Donations are still being accepted as the Centre strives to achieve its ultimate goal of $50,000.

In a bid to engage the community further, the Vermilion Senior Centre is reintroducing its event titled “Fun Days,” scheduled for Tuesday, February 20. Members and non-members alike are invited to participate for a nominal fee of $10. The event promises a day of entertainment featuring military whist or crib, lunch, and socializing. Interested participants are encouraged to register by Friday, February 16.

Membership at the Senior Centre, available for those aged 55 and above, is priced at $20 per person per year. This membership not only supports the Centre but also grants access to a variety of regularly scheduled events, including bingo, crib doubles, and informative presentations such as the recent discussion on the Provincial Pension Plan held on Monday, January 15.

The Vermilion Senior Centre looks forward to continued community support as it progresses towards its fundraising goal and enhances its facilities for the benefit of all members.

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