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Vermilion Senior Centre Receives Generous Donation And Celebrates Bingo Victory

Vermilion Senior Centre President Barry Robinson, Bingo Jackpot winner Linda Elsenheimer, and Senior Centre Manager Dianne Dunn.

From left Senior Centre Manager Dianne Dunn, Vermilion Credit Union CEO Dave Eremeko, and Vermilion Senior Centre President Barry Robinson. Photos Braxton Hoare

The Vermilion Senior Centre was abuzz with gratitude as Vermilion Credit Union CEO Dave Eremko presented a substantial donation of $3,000 towards the Centre’s ongoing floor renovation project. The contribution marks a significant stride in their fundraising efforts, bringing the total funds raised to $29,841.19 out of the $50,000 required for the project.

Expressing profound appreciation for the generosity, Centre Manager Dianne Dunn remarked, “We are very grateful for the donation from the Vermilion Credit Union; every dollar is a big help.” The initiative has seen widespread support, underscoring the vital role the Centre plays in fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment for seniors in Vermilion.

In tandem with the uplifting news of the donation, the Centre had another cause for celebration as Linda Elsenheimer clinched the coveted jackpot of $771 during the April 18th Bingo session. Elsenheimer’s win not only added to the event's excitement but also served as a testament to the Centre’s commitment to providing engaging activities for its patrons.

Looking ahead, the Centre is gearing up for its upcoming Bingo scheduled for May 2 and 16. With anticipation running high, Dunn extended her gratitude to the community, stating, “Thank you to everyone who supports us and hoping to see you back again.”

As the Vermilion Senior Centre continues to thrive with the unwavering support of its members and local allies, each milestone reached brings them closer to their vision of an enriched and vibrant community hub.

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