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Vermilion Soccer Association Becomes Licensed With Alberta Soccer For Delivering Quality Soccer Standards

Children and youth compete at the soccer fields in the Vermilion Provincial Park. Photo Caylie Gnyra

The Vermilion Soccer Association (VSA) season is underway and entering a busy schedule of games and tournaments with a few changes. The children are stepping onto the fields with all new logo jerseys. The upcoming annual VSA mini tournament on May 25 and 26 will introduce a new 3 versus 3 fun format for U13 players and in the background, VSA has been designated a Soccer Quality Standards (SQS) Licensed Club by the Alberta Soccer Association.

This year the association is providing training and competitive games for 230 participants ranging from U5 to U19 and fielding 14 teams. The non-profit association is a 100 per cent volunteer organization that coordinates a roster of 50 coaches and managers with an executive and board of 13 people.

“Soccer provides a unique offering amongst the available sports for children. It really capitalizes on Alberta summer weather by providing a high-cardio outdoor activity that’s accessible for both genders,” said President, Gordon Barrett.

During the most recent offseason, VSA was the proud recipient of the SQS Licensed Club designation from the Alberta Soccer Association. This designation is a result of complying with 37 items of soccer quality standards that include the association proving its provision of safety, accessibility, and inclusivity in all aspects of its policy and logistics.

A major item included the requirement for all volunteers to undertake interactive online training courses that present ethical scenarios for coaches to choose the option that prioritizes children’s welfare. The mandatory online training has presented a challenge for an association run by volunteer staff.

“We all want the best for the children, but we grew up with, and are products of, a variety of different coaching styles. These online courses bring everyone to the same page and ultimately empowers all our staff roster with professional entry-level coaching qualifications,” said VSA Technical Director Steve Westergaard.

Vermilion soccer competes in Alberta Tier 4. The emphasis for Tier 4 is to utilize soccer as a sandbox for children to improve their health and well-being while challenging their resilience and teamwork.

“Soccer is more than just a sport in Vermilion; it’s a very important contributor to our community’s commitment to the health and vitality of our youth. We recognize the invaluable role soccer plays in fostering physical fitness, teamwork, and personal growth among our children. It’s important to build ties and collaborate as a community to enable these outcomes,” said Barrett.


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