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Vermilion Soccer Eager For New Season

Some of the VSA executive and board members on March 20. Back row from left, Lana Roach, Patrick Willis, Gordon Barrett, Eli Myhovich, and Darlene Gourley. Front row from left, Amr Rezk, Danielle Eriksen, and Iris Westergaard. Photo Angela Mouly

To prepare for their new season, the Vermilion Soccer Association (VSA) held their AGM on March 20, with approximately 35 people in person, and more attending via Zoom.

“What we provide to the community is unique and is of such high value. I want to thank everyone for coming and bringing their passion and contributions to VSA so we can continue that this year; I’m really grateful to all of the coaches and the people in this room for their support,” said president Gordon Barrett.

He said soccer provides the benefit of being outdoors, as well as cardio/muscular and aerobic activity. In the off-season he was inspired while witnessing a scope beyond Vermilion, seeing athletes at the district and provincial levels.

“I’m very proud we are a Tier 4 group and are trying to build an out and indoor season to keep up with the region in providing year-round soccer. In turn, it will provide more opportunities for children that really want to excel,” said Barrett.

Speaking of excelling, the U19 Lakeland District won gold at Provincials in Edmonton including Breanne Gourley and Amaya Myhovich from VSA. Of the seven teams sent from the district, Darlene Gourley said they brought home three golds including the U17 Girls and the U17 Boys United.

In her treasurer’s report, Gourley also said that after their first full year back following three years of being shut down, some expenses had increased but otherwise the season was comparable. This year they are looking forward to some new jerseys and field repairs since the gopher removal.

Vice president, Patrick Willis said, “Our organization is committed to ensuring the safety of all children. As coaches, parents, and athletes, we are all representatives of VSA and have a responsibility to carry ourselves with a high standard and to be respectful of others. Any issues will be investigated.”

Potential projects the organization dreams of he said include obtaining heat and running water in the shack, washrooms, or a golf cart to help with some of the work.

Ref coordinator, Eli Myhovich said, “My mini refs were awesome; they grew so much. This year we will aim to host mini or entry-level ref clinics, and ref registration is available online through the Alberta Soccer Association.”

Registrar Danielle Eriksen said, “Registration is now online and will be taken to the next generation with a RAMP system, streamlining things with the district; thank you to Renee for helping to set it up. We had approximately 250 youth last year. Please register by March 31, to avoid any late fees.

To register, you can visit the VSA’s new website at

“This is always a great time of year; coming out of winter and starting soccer season. We are looking forward to another great year and getting back on the fields,” said Barrett.

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