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Vermilion Tigers Present Coach With Award During Cold Lake Game

Award presented to coach Ryan Earl. Photos Braxton Hoare

During the February 10 game, the Vermilion Tigers team presented coach Ryan Earl with the coach of the year award voted by the North Eastern Alberta Junior B Hockey League (NEAJBHL). The award was presented to the coach briefly before the game began. 

After the awards concluded it was business as usual, the players were all hyped up and ready to play a game of hockey. The first goal was scored by Evan Cooke, unassisted midway through the first period. The Tigers were absolutely playing their best as they seamlessly stitched their plays together. Though they were playing fantastic, the other team was doing a good job of holding them back for the remainder of the first period. 

In the second period, the players were in the zone, with Connor Roscoe and Max Quist making a great scoring duo. Quist scored the second goal for the Tigers with Roscoe on the assist, then Roscoe scored after with Quist on the assist. Though already the Tigers had made a massive lead, they weren’t finished yet. Landon Petiot came through with another quick goal for the Vermilion team and locked in a major 4-0 lead. 

The game ended without another puck entering the net for either team, leaving the Vermilion Tigers team to win with a 4-0 lead.

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